buntings in the making

on a bit of a bunting kick! i love the simplicity of them and love playing with fabric combinations when putting them together.

felt ravioli pasta

i made these awhile ago now, but i still love them and i'm definately keen to make more felt food.
emi loved helping with these, cutting the squares, stuffing them and then watching me on the sewing machine.

it won't be long till we're going to have to share that machine and learn to take turns with each other!

bunting for my boy

finally, after making many of these for presents to give away, i made one for my boy.

i snuck in and put it up in his room after he was asleep. when he woke up the first thing he said was "look at the patterns mum. i love it!". he knows the right things to say.

bread bags from tea towels

i picked up these tea towels while on my trip to london last year. i've since turned them into bread bags to keep the loaves just a little bit fresher for longer. they do actually seem to make a difference.
we usually use the bread maker during the week, but mike has got into a groove of using this recipe from gran's kitchen in the weekends. often with soup for sunday lunch. yum.

more skirts

i made more skirts this weekend. one for my girl, one for a friend, and one still for sale. i love this ribbon.

from the studio

i had a morning sewing today. feels so good to be productive. one of these skirts is headed for a friend's wee girl. the other two?? well, i feel a shop update coming soon.


i've been making a wee zip pouch for my mother-in-law for her birthday. i hope she'll use it to keep her knitting extras together as i noticed she's been using a plastic bag.
the perfect chance to finally use my sublime stitching embroidery transfers!

nana's shortbread

i mentioned this shortbread last month here. it's my great-grandmother's recipe. by no means is it wholesomely healthy, but it's deliciously basic, and with only three ingredients you know what you're eating.

so in the words of nana love::
1/2 lb butter
1 cup icing sugar
about 2 1/2 cups plain flour

cream butter and icing sugar. add flour and beat. the more you beat the better the shortbread.
bake in moderate oven until just browning. about ten minutes-ish.

wool winding

still on a roll from sorting out my fabric, i moved on to my wool stash. i had a few skeins from the wool company to ball up. my boy was happy to be in on the action, doing the winding, watching the swift spinning, and stacking the finished balls.

fabric piles

i'm sure i'm not the only one to be continuely inspired by amanda. this post got me sorting my nook and making piles in no time. it saved my day really and got me out of a 'funk'.

wet felting

today we tried wet felting for the first time. what a fun thing to do in the winter sun.

edit to add:: if you want to know more about 'wet felting' check here.