starting his quilt

i've decided to make quilts for my kids. this is something i didn't think i'd ever do. but i've chosen fabrics, started cutting and done some sewing on my boy's. i don't think i realised how big this project was going to be until i started! but it will get done and i'm pleased i've started now with months of time up my sleeve before birthdays roll around.

i'm using a pattern from anna maria horner's latest book. actually, it's the one on the cover.
love it. wish me luck.

excuse me while i be a proud mama

:: googly eyes and shell beak

:: tail feathers

sadly i can't claim this to be made by me. it is a peacock made by the extremely industrious four year old that lives here. more hot glue action. i got the glue gun out for her and then she was left to her own devices while i worked alongside her, cutting fabric. i love the mixed media... wood, feathers, shells, fabric, cotton wool, nails, cardboard.

a blue acorn hat

here's the blue hat i've donated to feltaid. it's a temporary shop set up as a way to donate to the red cross to help people affected by the christchurch earthquake.

what an amazing thing these ladies are doing. it sounds like things are flying out of the shop. how awesome.

edit to add:: sold. yay. feel stoked to have made this donation. thanks feltaid!

embroidered felt brooches

i am totally inspired by melissa and i used her embroidered brooch tutorial to make a couple of birthday presents this week.
i used my girl's pictures as a starting point then tried to transfer it into thread. i love how they've turned out. i love that it's another way to share her artwork with family. and because they're family, they've got to love it too, right?

new supplies

i'm on a blue green kick. at this stage, these are the plans.
:: green wool to make a scarf for a northern hemisphere christmas gift
:: aqua cotton yarn for a baby hat
:: cotton fabric for buntings and pockets on summer shorts

a wee apron

not great photos, but i wanted to share this anyway. i have had this apron on my 'to make' list for so long! the pattern was great, easy to follow and i'm stoked with the end result. perhaps it would be easy to add a pocket on next time. i know there'll be a next time as i 'need' to make more for the little bakers in our house.
it is headed to my nephew in london who will be turning two. i also included our classic playdough recipe and some playdough tools. hopefully our boy enjoys putting it on himself someday soon and has many hours playing, baking, playdoughing in it. happy birthday L!

a green beanie

a green hat destined for melbourne. does it get cold there? happy birthday joeli.