pink and yellow cushion

today i made a cushion for my girl as she lay on the couch all day, unwell.
my girl, who loves colour. my girl, who especially loves pink, yellow, and flowers.
the sewing definately kept my mind and fingers busy. i haven't got a magic wand to make her feel better but i'm hoping something new, made with mama-love will help at least a little bit.
the pattern is the scrappy nap pillow from anna maria's, handmade beginnings.

finn's quilt

i had another full sewing day this weekend. bliss.

i made definate progress on my boy's birthday quilt.
lots of cutting strips. (oops. i know. i put my cutter down for the photo with out putting the blade cover back on. not good practice, those things are sharp!)
my dining table was covered in piles of strips, sorted according to size and colour.
then there was a whole lot of sewing the strips end to end.
then lots of pressing the fabric and pressing the seams.
it's coming together nicely.


just posting a studio shot because i haven't made anything for a little while, so i'm giving myself a few reminders.

i love
:: these colours
:: this wee space i've made for myself
:: and what i can make with just fabric, thread (and a bit of love)